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  • A Tranquil Space Integrated Massage

    Has it been awhile since you've been in to see us?  Your therapist will make a recommendation, after their session with you, as to the frequency they suggest that will help us get you back to doing the things you love!
    Each session is tailored to what you need.  Your therapist will utilize a variety of techniques in order to accomplish this.
  • A Tranquil Space Birthday Upgrades

  • Tranquil On-Site/Corporate Chair Massage

    Do you work long hours in front of a computer?  Do your co-workers or you find yourself feeling like you are slumped in your chair, sick more often than not or feeling fatigued?  Are you so stressed out that you just aren't sure what will help?  Corporate Massage may be the answer!  We bring a massage chair (and/or table) to your workplace and work on employees in 10-15 minute increments! Massage in the workplace is becoming more popular and is helping employees in many ways!  Call today to set up your appointment or give me your HR person's name and I will do the work for you!